The GAIA Hit Nitz 4 6 Story

"Imagine getting head lice under control! And imagine not having to sit and comb our kids' hair for hours!

When what started out as two frustrated Aussie Mums trying to fix their own children's ongoing nit problems turned into making their own products in 2009 – the Hit Nitz 4 6 range was born.

A testament to their emphasis on finding an effective yet natural solution to help break the head lice cycle, the range turned out to be a real hit! (pardon the pun!)

Some years later, the owners of GAIA Skin Naturals (home of natural and organic baby skincare  GAIA Natural Baby) who make effective natural and organic skincare products for the whole family, saw something in the Hit Nitz 4 6 brand that reminded them of how they started out too.

 So in late 2014, Hit Nitz 4 6 became part of the GAIA family and GAIA continues to bring you the natural lice products that you love – just now called GAIA Hit Nitz 4 6!”


Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your doctor/healthcare professional.

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GAIA Hit Nitz 4 6 Head Lice Products

GAIA Hit Nitz 4 6 provides two easy to use products to help break the head lice cycle in two steps.

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