GAIA Hit Nitz 4 6 Online Stockists

GAIA Hit Nitz 4 6  - a simple two step process to help break the head lice cycle using two easy products - is available through your favourite online stores!

 If your child has head lice, and you have chosen GAIA Hit Nitz 4 6 to help break the head lice cycle, it is imperative you use both the Once Off Lotion and then the Daily Control Head Lice Spray, as they work together to help control a head lice infestation. Please ensure you buy both products.

GAIA Hit Nitz 4 6 products can be bought through the following online stores:

Beautifully Australian

Helping every day people make responsible, sustainable and ethical choices in their shopping.

Chemist Direct

Australia's widest reaching online pharmacy, they will deliver to all locations and even most countries overseas!

Coz It's Natural

Taking out the hard work on finding affordable natural and organic Australian products for you and your family.

Eco Necessities

Online eco department store providing eco alternatives to everyday mass produced products for home and lifestyle.

Pharmacy Direct

Online pharmacy delivering nationally.

Pharmacy 4 Less

You can find this discount chemist online offering fabulous products and services, including GAIA Hit Nitz 4 6 products! 

 Pharmacy Online

The first online pharmacy in Australia is a popular choice for value and quality.  They also deliver to more than 40 countries overseas. 

Roy Young Chemist

One of the largest pharmacies in Australia, and multi-award winning, this pharmacy delivers nationally. 

Vegan Online

Aiming to make cruelty free shopping accessible and effortless you can shop for vegan favourite foods and beauty products here. 

Your Chemist Shop

100% Australian owned online pharmacy delivering nationally. 


 Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your doctor/healthcare professional.

Once Off Head Lice Lotion

Once Off Head Lice Lotion

  • Helps get rid of the suckers!
  • Contains natural ingredients
  • NO COMBING REQUIRED! Simply leave on for 4 hours and wash off
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Daily Control Head Lice Spray

Daily Control Head Lice Spray

  • Helps keep the critters at bay
  • Natural active ingredient - artemisia annua (sweet wormwood)
  • Use daily when head lice are around
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Mild smellbullnormal.pngNo combing required!